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Planning and executing a surprise for your loved ones and your dear and near ones is one of the best gifts and a memory that you can give. For every occasion, the first thing that strikes is a cake, a gift, and flowers. Be it any day that you want to celebrate, it is incomplete without the presence of these items. So here is how The Freshly Made takes your stress away by arranging designer cakes chennai and also delivering them to your doorstep within two hours or maybe less.

Let’s Talk About Cakes!

These days with excellent world renewed pastry chefs, a cake can display affection too. Plus who doesn’t love cake! Your choice of cake, for example, as simple as deciding the flavor of the cake, tells your loved ones how much you know about them. A freshly made cake adds that extra love to your gift. Here at The Freshly Made, we assure you to provide you with fresh cakes chennai in common flavors as well as traditional flavors with a modern twist. Choose any kind from our fresh cakes chennai, surely you will not be disappointed.

Cake home delivery in Chennai

We pride ourselves on the service we provide as it also makes us a part of your celebrations. Be it Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, or even Girl Child day, we have something special for every occasion you can think of. Whatever the joy of celebration is, accompany it with a flavorful-freshly baked cake made just as per your order. If you need a cake or online flower delivery in chennai  to be delivered anywhere, grant it and it is done.

Enjoy Birthday Cakes below 500 with The Freshly Made

We adore you and being thoughtful of following trends as well as setting your trend, we are trying to accommodate everything that you ask for. For those innocent souls who are very confused about choosing the right cake, we provide special filters like birthday cakes below 500, type of cake, flavor, type of cake, a combination of cake, and as well occasion to choose from. Now talking about flavors, we have a wide variety of flavors for you to choose from. We do the regular vanilla, butterscotch,fruit and black forest cake in chennai. We also provide Rasmalai, Rosemilk cakes for our more adventurous clients. Be it simple or extravagant, we cater to your every wish.


A Thousand Feeling Expressed By A Flower. Experience Online flower delivery in Chennai!

Can you imagine a world without flowers? No right! Somehow the silky smooth appearance of a flower and the fragrance it spills all around you makes it a must to be in every celebration. In the presence of flowers, even a burden feels light and can bring a smile to a person going through a tough day. All of this is possible with fresh flowers. A bonus is shaping and arranging them by an experienced florist. Here at The Freshly Made we provide online flower delivery in chennai and bring you a plethora of flowers and flower arrangements to fill your loved one’s heart with warmth and love.

Be it for Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, Birthday, etc. a token of flowers makes the celebration and emotion even more elegant and special. So why wait? Browse through our special collection. If you are unsure about the choices, we are virtually here to help you anytime. All you need to do is text us and we would suggest the best available option.

If you are in a rush and want something done in a rush, use our sorting system. It will help you to look at the options that are based on the color of the flowers you are looking for like red, yellow, violet, etc. Or else choose them based on the kind of flowers like roses, gerberas, lilies, etc. Or are you looking for a specific type of flower arrangement? We have the “BY ARRANGEMENT” option. If you are looking within budget, there is such an option also available. Browse and find your perfect flower arrangement now!


Plants – A Way To Sustainable Living And A Sensible, Well-appreciated Gift

Be it indoor or outdoor plants, they make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your loved ones. If not, give yourself one of the plants for having such an amazing thought. With the concrete jungle we live in, a green plant refreshes and enlivens the place like no other. Shower your love by showing your loved one that a gift can go a long way.

Poetically, you could tell them that your bond is strong and you will continue to cherish it and grow with it. Like the greenery, your relationship should also prosper and be everlasting. Like fresh air, they bring new thoughts and perspectives into your life. It could mean so many things that you cannot express in words.


Dear Chennai, Order your Designer cakes Chennai Online

In this digital world, it is essential to express emotions through gifts and food. If not prepared by you, we are here for you. Why not expand your creativity of expressing your love in searching for the perfect cake, flowers, and gifts and let the master bakers, florist, and horticulturist deliver a perfect gift that you are looking for with just a click of a button.


Fear not about the quality, you will receive Fresh cakes Chennai.

Knowing and acknowledging the concerns of online shopping, The Freshly Made assures its client that they will receive a freshly baked cake strictly made on the order of our client. We will make sure that we deliver what we show in the pictures. As our master bakers insist we make sure that the elements of the cake are well prepared for baking. We are committed to serve and maintain the best quality of the products we send to our clients. Each product of ours is carefully examined and checked thoroughly before dispatching them.

More than the conventional way of shopping, online shopping is way more efficient and cost-effective if we find the right place and The Freshly Made is one such place for freshly baked cakes, garden-fresh flowers, and personalized gifts.


We Specialize In Occasions Like Birthday

We tend to celebrate every birthday with a cake as a ritual that will never go out of fashion. The Freshly Made specializes in cake home delivery in chennai by making various themes so that it is easy to select a one-of-a-kind birthday cake for your loved ones. Online birthday cakes chennai by the freshlymade for your little bundle of joy could be a memorable one by personalizing them from our wide variety of choices. Pick, add to cart, pay, and sit back while we deliver.


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Glorifying parenthood on globally recognized days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and complete your gift with a touch of flowers and a personalized gift from The Freshly Made. It would mean the world to your loved ones to receive such a gift on days like these. Gifting them a plant is a popular and evergreen choice that reminds them of you every day.



Be it a crush, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancée, wife, parents, or anyone that you hold closer to your heart deserves a valentine gift from you. A small gesture could go a long way in developing a loving relationship filled with appreciation and love.


Our Promise

The Freshly Made is the best shop in Chennai because of the following reasons

  1. We always deliver on time
  2. Only fresh products are delivered
  3. The major concern, we are cost-effective
  4. Our master bakers add ‘wow’ flavors to our cakes
  5. Our Horticulturist makes sure to grow healthy plants
  6. Our experienced florist showcase the floral arrangements
  7. It is the most user-friendly
  8. The categories we provide make it a lot easier for our clients to choose and select from


Delivery Within Two Hours Or Less Throughout Chennai

Trust us to deliver your order within 2 hours of placing the order. No matter the situation, we pride ourselves on giving you the best cake home delivery in chennai. We believe and commit to being a part of your special day through our cakes and will be honored to serve you with your cake, flowers, and gift requirements. All you have to do is to log on to The Freshly Made and scroll to place your order.

Our wide range of products will for sure save the time of our clients; we designed our website to be user-friendly and easy to find the desired product. We even categorized our products into categories that help our clients to browse through for better unknown options to make their day even better.

We look forward to and are glad to be a part of your special memories!!!